Welcome to Cave Paper

Our Mailing Address:
Cave Paper Inc.
P. O. Box 18568
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Please take a moment to see our three minute video on Indiegogo and also share it with your friends. All the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. If enough of us get behind it, we can 'Keep Cave Paper Alive and Transition into a Co-op' together.

What is Cave Paper?

Cave Paper is a production handmade paper studio operating since 1994. We have been dedicated to making decorated and unusual sheets of high quality paper for use by artists, bookbinders and all types of designers.

There is a rough elegance to the papers that is easier to experience through the senses than with words. It is a combination of the people who make it and the raw materials. We are most known for our strong natural dyed flax papers but we make cotton and abaca papers. The natural dyes are applied over the surface of a handmade sheet sometimes taking four coats and many days. Black Walnut, Indigo, Persimmon, and Red Iron Oxide are used individually and in combination with each other; they evoke a sensuousness and connectedness with the earth.

What is Cave Paper Co-op?

The mission of Cave Cooperative is to provide
members with the facilities and equipment necessary
for the production handmade paper, for individual
projects and to produce Cave Paper for the general
public. Facilities may also be used to grow the local
visual arts community.

Our services to the community include but are not limited to;
our ongoing internship program, worker/owner
and investment memberships, and assistance
on both commercial and artistic projects of your
own design.

Cooperative Meeting

Cave is attempting to transition from Amanda Degener being the sole owner to a worker owned cooperative business. Over 30 people attended the 2 meetings held in September to establish the Cave Paper Cooperative, including community members with cooperative experience. These gatherings, along with the CTAP classes James and Amanda are attending, are informative and encouraging. In attendance were printers, binders, marblers, and people who want to make handmade paper and paper art in a studio they can call their own. Many people are hoping to find a space and Cave looks forward to studios that have broader access.

For more information feel free to Call, email, or keep track of the website for information. Although Cave Paper has started this process it feels like it is developing more into a Paper Arts Collaborative. Follow this link to see the powerpoint Amanda gave about Cooperative Values at Friends of Dard Hunter meeting in Atlanta GA.

Cave Paper 25th Anniversary

Cave Paper has pushed the creative potential of paper by collaborating with respected and internationally known artists, it has fostered and promoted the craft of handmade paper by offering an influential training program to more than 100 interns. Today, to further explore the great potential of handmade paper and its use as a medium in creative, collaborative projects, they have launched a project called “One World Many Papers.” www.OWMPapers.org

To celebrate and promote the traditional craft of handmade paper and its use as a creative and collaborative medium in numerous artistic genres, Cave Paper is collaborating with five nationally and internationally renowned artists and artisans over the next three years.

The project will culminate with public lectures, an internship program, public workshops, and public exhibitions meant to expose the public to this artistic craft. The first invited artist was Lu Jingren from Beijing China. He was part of a collaboration with Peng Wu and Amanda Degener, he also gave a keynote lecture at Codex in San Francisco and a free lecture at Minnesota Center for Book Arts in February 2017. This book we are publishing is an offshoot from Peng Wu, Lu Jingren, and Amanda Degener's collaboration.

Questions we ask include:

  • How did you begin your practice?
  • Why do you still make paper/books?
  • What is the difference for you reading on a digital device/book?
  • In what way do you understand the five senses of paper/book: vision, touch, hearing, smelling, tasting?
  • Share with us some moments either break through or breakdowns in your world?
  • What is your next dream project?

We are currently applying for funding to support a project with Amanda Degener, Jan Owen, and Bridget O'Malley. Special thanks to our fiscal agent Hand Papermaking Magazine, a not-for-profit with deep ties to Cave Paper. Discussions have included the desire to edition a circular book which beautifully presents original text about the advantage/necessity of opposites. Indigo and Persimmon dyed on handmade Flax paper in Yin/Yang shapes which spontaneously overlap.

To support this program is to put your name on our OWMPaper's prospectus list www.OWMPapers.org and you will be sent detailed information about the books/projects when they are for sale. Another way is to make a tax deductable donation through our umbrella organization Hand Papermaking Magazine Hand Papermaking Magazine, with deep ties to Cave Paper, has agreed to be our 501(c) 3 fiscal agent. You can mail a check or if you like to do things electronically you can donate directly to Hand Papermaking Magazine letting them know it is for Cave Paper's One World Many Paper's anniversary project.

Here is the Hand Papermaking Magazine donation link.