Welcome to Cave Paper!

Cave Paper is a production hand-made paper mill dedicated to making decorated and unusual sheets of high quality for use by artists, bookbinders, calligraphers and anyone with a desire for fine sheets. Cave Paper is more than a location; our approach to making paper is as cave-like as the surroundings.

There is a certain rough elegance to the papers which is difficult to explain in words. It begins and ends with the raw materials. These include flax, cotton rag, and denim, along with natural dyes and pigments (black walnut, indigo and red iron oxide) to colour the sheets. Used individually and in combination with each other, they evoke in the viewer a sensuousness and connectedness with the earth. Perhaps they even remind us of our own mortality. For whatever reason they engage the senses, and thus our whole being. The beauty of these sheets exists independent of the maker. Our job is simply to listen, realise and put the parts together. The resulting sheets have a refinement and maturity, yet remain unpolished.

Selected work from the Bejing, China exhibition:

“From There to Here” by Bridget O'Malley

“Polyhedra3a” by James Kleiner

“Zero, Cypher of Infinity” by Suzanne Moore