Price List as of November 20, 2017

Retail Prices Per Sheet

Always in Stock 17” x 22” or 43 x 56cm 21” x 28” or 53 x 71cm 29” x 39” or 74 x 99cm
Degener Black* (flax) $18 $28 $80
Dark Granite (flax) $18 $28 n/a
Indigo* (flax) $18 $28 $80
Layered Indigo Day white* (flax) $18 $28 $80
Layered Indigo Day no white* (flax) $18 $28 $80
Layered Indigo/Walnut* (flax) $18 $28 n/a
Natural Flax** (flax) $13 $19 $60
O’Malley Crackle (flax) $18 $28 n/a
Persimmon* (flax) $22 $30 $95
Starry Night* (flax) $18 $28 $80
Walnut* (flax) $18 $28 $80

*gelatin sized
**Natural Flax is also available in 31” x 44” - call for prices.

Special Order: 17” x 22” or 43 x 56cm 21” x 28” or 53 x 71cm
Alphabet (cotton rag) $18 $28
Cloudy Sky (cotton rag) $18 $28
Fog (abaca) $22 $30
Origami 2 colors (abaca) $12 $19
Origami 1 color (abaca) $9 $15
Red Walnut (flax) $18 $28
Snow* $18 $28
  17” x 22” only one size
Nepal Layered Indigo (lokta)* $13  

*gelatin sized

New Prices:

On Sept 1, 2017 Cave Paper raised our prices on the 21" x 28" papers from $24 to $28. We also had to raise the price of the 17" x 22" sheets from $16 to $18. Heavyweight will still only be $2.00 extra. It is important to us that our customers understand that after the discounts we give to stores, our profit margin is very small.

In the past Cave has kept 22 different kinds of paper in stock, in two different sizes and two different weights. This meant keeping 88 categories of paper in stock. Nowadays there are speedier customer expectations (probably because of places like Amazon). Our new system is to keep in stock our most popular papers, and ask people to special order the others. You can still order any of the 88 papers but we are not going to be required to keep all 88 in stock.

These Special Order sheets are: Alphabet, Cloudy Sky, Daily Harvest, Fog, Lime, Snow, Teal, Tangerine, Red Walnut, and Vivid Red. The papers that are always in stock are: Degener Black, Dark Granite, Indigo, Layered Indigo Day, Layered Indigo Walnut, Natural Flax, O'Malley Crackle, Persimmon, Starry Night, and Walnut. We expect this new situation will make happy customers and unstressed papermakers.

There are three other modifications to our offerings. We brought back the real Persimmon to replace the Faux Persimmon (we were able to procure more persimmon dye from Japan). We changed the name of Granite to Dark Granite, and are making it slightly darker.

Lastly, we had purchased a huge quantity of Lotka paper from Nepal, to support the earthquake victims, and we are indigo dying it in layers.

We are pleased that we can give our customers this larger size and offer it at such a reasonable price.