Internships at Cavepaper

Intern with us...

The Cave is located in the Minneapolis warehouse district (212 North Second Street). Although we welcome interns all year the best times are from May-September because the studio is unheated in the winter. We are looking for enthusiastic people to work at least 6-8 hours per week as assistants. The schedule is flexible, but should be discussed beforehand.

Amber White, intern from University of Minnesota, and Amanda Degener making 31” x 41” paper.

Interns will be part of the regular production routine. Work involves all aspects of running a production paper studio: Fiber preparation, sheet forming, unique hand-dyeing of sheets, sizing, flattening and curating sheets. This is a learning and working internship. A small stipend equivalent to $7.50/hr is payable in studio time, handmade paper, raw materials or combinations thereof. We have worked with over 50 interns in the 15 years we have been in business. We have found that unless you can work for at least three weeks (out of towners) or one day a week for several months (locals) then there is no point in coming.

The studio is equipped with 1 lb and 25lb Valley beaters, a hydraulic press, multiple moulds and deckles up to 4’ x8’, Whiz mixer, drying system and more.

We have no trade secrets, and as teachers are eager to share our knowledge. There is no formal application, please call with any questions - (612) 359-0645.