S-Corp Cave Paper 50 Shares for Sale

Cave Paper Inc. is a production hand papermaking business located in Minneapolis Minnesota with an international reputation for very high quality work. One of the two owners/shareholders, Amanda Degener, is retiring and offering her 50 shares to a qualified buyer. This includes her share in whatever equipment and inventory that is owned by Cave Paper at the day of the sale. The other shareholder, Bridget O'Malley, is looking for a new business partner. The two owners have been involved in building this business and producing product for clients for the last 20 years.

Cave Paper has one employee, James Kleiner, and a very active (summer only) internship program. A person who is interested in becoming part of the business must be someone with hand papermaking and/or small business experience. Cave Paper is open to a person with new ideas and who can consider relocation to Minneapolis. The hope is to have a smooth transition and Amanda Degener has a flexible exit schedule.

Depending on your schedule/availability this could be soon or in the next 1-5 years. Amanda will be fielding calls, but feel free to talk with any of us about the shares/job. We feel firm about the price of $1000 per share. Amanda's email is cavepaper@gmail.com. Cave phone is 612-359-0645. Happy papermaking!