Cave Paper 25th Anniversary

To celebrate and promote the traditional craft of handmade paper and its use as a creative and collaborative medium in numerous artistic genres, Amanda Degener, Bridget O'Malley, and James Kleiner of Cave Paper will collaborate with five nationally and internationally renowned artists and artisans over the next four years.

The project will culminate with public lectures, an internship program, public workshops, and public exhibitions meant to expose the public to this artistic craft. The first invited artist is Lu Jingren from Beijing China. He will be in the USA to give a keynote lecture at Codex in San Francisco and will also give a free lecture at Minnesota Center for Book Arts on February 11, 2017.

While here in Minneapolis he will conduct a workshop on the relationship of design and paper folding at MCBA on Saturday and two scholarships will be provided. All of this costs money. We are thrilled to be partnering with several not-for-profits: SpringBoard for the Arts, Hand Papermaking Magazine, and Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Thanks to our 501(c)3 friends we have been applying for grants which require matching funds and are asking you, our supporters, to help us raise $4,750 towards our collaboration with Lu Jingren. Lu Jingren, a famous Chinese Book Designer, has agreed to collaborate with us and help us kick off our 25 anniversary celebration of collaborations.

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About Cave

In 1994, Bridget O’Malley and Amanda Degener teamed up to make paper in the basement of an old, industrial Minneapolis warehouse. There are no windows, and the walls are limestone. This subterranean studio inspired Degener and O’Malley to call their studio, “Cave.”

Today, the feel of Cave Paper still reflects its name. We make paper by hand from raw fiber.  We boil walnuts for dye, and mix deep vats of indigo. Our process results in a robust, and archival paper of unparalleled durability.

Cave’s reputation is equally lasting. Over 100 interns have been ushered through the immersive studio experience at Cave. The program teaches emerging craftspeople of all ages to keep hand-papermaking alive.

We work with artists worldwide, bringing technical know-how to numerous projects. As a result, projects that use Cave Paper are housed everywhere from contemporary art museums to the Library of Congress.

Our mission is to bring attention to detail and high quality to each sheet of paper that leaves our studio. We honor traditional craft while supporting innovation. Cave puts your creative origin story down on paper.